8 thoughts on “Recovery Monday?

  1. The American economy has NOT been really expanding. An ILLUSION of expansion has been created by a three trillion dollar pump by the Fed since 2008. Look at the National Debt Chart. Now that $3 trillion pump is playing out. The fictitious GDP is NOT a true indicator of an economic expansion (or contraction) since it is calculated in dollars and dollar inflation (or deflation) will heavily affect its movements. Since 2008 the M1 Money Supply has expanded by 13% [Re:/www.shadowstats.com/alternate_data/money-supply-charts]; 13%/2.5yrs=5.2%/yr INFLATION. Obviously then, an inflationary expansion in the money supply is being reflected in the GDP, NOT a true expansion of output. Only a GDP calculated on the number of "widgets" being produced and sold at a profit by the entire economy would be a true indicator of expanding or contracting economic activity. As the FED continues to pump money (as vowed by Good Ole' Uncle Bernanke) the situation can ONLY continue to get worse, NOT BETTER! I believe desperate folks (and Uncle Ben) are throwing money at The Market in hopes of recovering previous losses. Not a healthy Market!

  2. Jeremy...I just paid 1.50 per litre for diesel in Australia, I drive a Toyota Landcruiser with a 200 litre tank! OUCH! Time to downsize, me thinks!

    I saw ASX stocks are listed, had a good look at the few I could find without the scanner working yet, it is amazing, can not wait for SmartScan to kick in!

    Can you tell me if there is a site within this site that has a 'cheat sheet' for all the combinations of Trade Triangles depending on what you are trading, what time frame you are trading and what instrument you are trading? It would be a very handy addition if you could add that!

    Regards, Shaz

  3. SIR,

    monday recovery allwayes tell us about the worst forthcoming friday


    Rasesh Shukla
    ( INDIA )

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