A Companion For Your Trading Day

A few weeks ago we introduced you to a friend of INO's,  Aamar Shehzad. Today he's going to give our readers a tool that everyone can use daily to improve their trading.

The INO Pivotfarm Data Sheets combine useful market metrics with a very flexible trade journal all on one page. On the market metrics side of things the data sheets include, Market Profile, Fibonacci, Pivot Points, COT Reports, Retail Trader positioning, trend analysis and an Economic calendar. In the center of the data sheet is a fully functional trade journal area that you can use to type in your trades and save to review later. The sheets also contain video news updates inside the PDF! All in all a very valuable tool for 8 markets including Gold, Oil, S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones.



The sheets are available daily well before the trading session as your companion for the trading day and are provided by Pivotfarm.com as a free resource for traders.  Aamar Shehzad the founder of Pivotfarm worked as an independent trader and analyst, providing research analytics to proprietary firms based in the City of London. He is a regular speaker at trading seminars and expos and is very much an advocate of the “less is more” approach focusing on Support and Resistance methods as the core of his methodology.




S&P 500


Dow Jones Industrial Average




Crude Oil

We hope that you'll find the PDF's a useful tool to add to your trading arsenal.

Every Success,

The MarketClub Team





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  1. thank you for you updates you have been of greate help right now im still trading with my demo account and i made 20 000 today however i still a problem sometimes regarding which product is highly profitable in the market and at what time should i place my bets in those products by the way as of today im able to "short" and to "long" but as a first time trader im still not sure whether to use 5,15,30 minutes or an hour on my trades your help and advice would be highly appriciated thank you verymuch God bless you

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