A Companion For Your Trading Day

A few weeks ago we introduced you to a friend of INO's,  Aamar Shehzad. Today he's going to give our readers a tool that everyone can use daily to improve their trading.

The INO Pivotfarm Data Sheets combine useful market metrics with a very flexible trade journal all on one page. On the market metrics side of things the data sheets include, Market Profile, Fibonacci, Pivot Points, COT Reports, Retail Trader positioning, trend analysis and an Economic calendar. In the center of the data sheet is a fully functional trade journal area that you can use to type in your trades and save to review later. The sheets also contain video news updates inside the PDF! All in all a very valuable tool for 8 markets including Gold, Oil, S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones. Continue reading "A Companion For Your Trading Day"

The Greatest Traders

Today we would like to introduce you to a good friend of INO.com Aamar Shehzad. Aamar is the Chief Technical Analyst and Managing Director of  Pivotfarm.com. Prior to creating Pivotfarm.com Aamar worked as an independent trader and analyst, he's a regular speaker at trading seminars and expos.  Today he going to talk about what separates the great traders from the pack. Continue reading "The Greatest Traders"

Creating an edge with Technical Confluence

Today's guest is Aamar of Pivot Farm.com. Aamar is a huge proponent of support and resistance levels and has spent years researching and developing his own methods for finding key support and resistance zones. Today Aamar is going to discuss how merging two traditional types of technical analysis can give you the confidence to see your trades through to profit. Be sure to comment with your thoughts and see Aamar in action during his upcoming free webinar.
Most if not at all traders, be they day, swing or buy and holders have come across technical analysis. You know what I’m talking about! Those squiggly lines all the gurus seem to have on their charts! They consist of patterns like the famous ‘Head and Shoulders’, age old equations seen across nature like ‘Fibonacci’, even historic wave movements measured by ‘Elliott Wave’. Continue reading "Creating an edge with Technical Confluence"