A Companion For Your Trading Day

A few weeks ago we introduced you to a friend of INO's,  Aamar Shehzad. Today he's going to give our readers a tool that everyone can use daily to improve their trading.

The INO Pivotfarm Data Sheets combine useful market metrics with a very flexible trade journal all on one page. On the market metrics side of things the data sheets include, Market Profile, Fibonacci, Pivot Points, COT Reports, Retail Trader positioning, trend analysis and an Economic calendar. In the center of the data sheet is a fully functional trade journal area that you can use to type in your trades and save to review later. The sheets also contain video news updates inside the PDF! All in all a very valuable tool for 8 markets including Gold, Oil, S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones. Continue reading "A Companion For Your Trading Day"

How to Determine Where the Real Support and Resistance is Everyday

Larry Levin is no novice to the markets, in fact he's a pretty well-known by traders worldwide. We've asked Larry to give Trader's Blog readers some tips he uses to find daily support and resistance levels and he gladly agreed. Be sure to comment and let us know what you think and some things you use to find key market levels.


Secret Trading Tip #29
From the Desk of S&P Trader Larry Levin, President of Trading Advantage LLC

How to Determine Where the Real Support and Resistance is Everyday

Understanding support and resistance levels is an extremely important skill in any market, and it's absolutely critical if you plan on trading the S&P and NASDAQ E-Mini markets. Professional floor traders are aware of an entire range of major and minor support and resistance levels before the market opens each day. They also know how to calculate new levels as the trading day progresses. Continue reading "How to Determine Where the Real Support and Resistance is Everyday"

Is this a bear market rally or is it a true upside reversal?

Check out my new video where you will find precise turning points on the major indices. You will also see and hear where we expect the major indices to head in the next six to twelve months.

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Enjoy the video.

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