We Hit The Exit Button On Apple

Hello MarketClub members everywhere! Adam Hewison here, co-founder of MarketClub with your mid-day market update for Monday, the 16th of April.

We Hit The Exit Button On Apple

Our weekly Trade Triangle kicked in today for AAPL, alerting intermediate traders to exit this amazing stock.

Here is your opportunity to share charts, markets, and what you are seeing with our Trade Triangle technology or any other technical indicators with your fellow MarketClub members. So post and prosper!

As Apple goes, so goes the market?


Percentage changes in stocks are relative to the S&P 500

CONSUMER GOODS: -0.08% Top Stock MJN +2.05%
SERVICES: -0.20% Top Stock UAL +3.16%
HEALTHCARE: -0.54% Top Stock CYH +1.58%
ENERGY: -1.37% Top Stock OAS +2.66%
TECHNOLOGY: -0.32% Top Stock RVBD +2.49%
FINANCIAL: +0.42% Top Stock VNO +3.45%
INDUSTRIAL GOODS: -0.03% Top Stock RS +3.59%
BASIC MATERIALS: -0.47% Top Stock HAYN +1.25%
UTILITIES: +0.45% Top Stock EIX +2.19%

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2 thoughts on “We Hit The Exit Button On Apple

  1. re: Warning shot fired across the bow.

    Simon Sez gave an early warning shot across the bow 3 days ago or 4/11/12.
    Market club is 2 to 3 late after Simon Sez was posted. The good thing about the Marketclub is that it smooth's out the possible headfakes and emotions of woulda coulda shoulda.

    The TOS charts high bubble gave a sell signal right out of the gate on 4/13 at 9:31am EST.

    We'll just have to wait for the next green arrow.
    Quilln -

  2. Analysing the market over the past 6 months, I have come to the following conclusion. There is no doubt that the movement of Apple Shares influence the direction of the Nasdaq index. The trouble is that MANY computer trading programs use the NASDAQ Index to TRIGGER trades. Apple goes down, Nasdaq drops, shares that make up the Nasdaq and others are sold. Apple rises, BUY sales are not triggered that quickly.
    I think further investigation will prove that I am correct.

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