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Weekly Gold Report (October 14th through October 18th)

What can be said about the week that lies ahead? More of the same sounds about right. After Democrats and Republicans spent another full calendar week bickering and positioning, we seem to be no closer to a deal than we were in the prior week, and the threat of a default on debt continues to loom.

So as we inch closer to the final deadline (October 17th), we should expect to hear from Government officials along with members of the US Federal Reserve, all of whom can say the right OR wrong words for the day and have an impact on the direction of a market. There have been a few reports cancelled because of the Government Shutdown and we expect a few to be cancelled again this week leading up to the 17th. And the reports that are released (including a few from China in the middle of the week), will likely take a back seat to any progress OR lack thereof made in Washington.

The daily chart of the December Gold Futures shows a continued slide in prices. Last week’s price action was weak and even included a sharp drop below the October 2nd low print. Sell-stop orders were triggered after a large sell order was filled near the open on Friday. This drove Gold sharply lower and even halted trading for a short period of time. Since then, the price of December Gold has held within the prior days trading range, but remains questionable in either direction.

I remain neutral on Gold this week because of the potential for a very volatile week. With the release of data in China coupled with the US debt ceiling debates, I think this week leaves Gold vulnerable to similar moves like the one we saw on Friday. Until Gold shows me a few closes above the resistance trendline that has kept a lid on upward action (arrow #1), I will remain on the sidelines and enjoy the show.

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    Gold is OBVIOUSLY not trading based on FUNDAMENTALS. It is trading based on MENTALITY. See the web site:
    GOLD at $2000 and above would threaten the very existence of The FED by threatening to, or actually becoming a de facto currency again. That is why The FED, with the help of its minion-bullion banks and the CME, has been waging such a war to collapse and/or discredit GOLD as an investment and safe-heaven vehicle instead of little pieces of green-inked paper.

  2. while gold will go to new highs and more in the coming financial reset.......Syria is what halted golds downtrend that will continue as long as the koolaid is flowing into the DOW [ends feburary]

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