Does Everyone Know Their ABCs?

We asked All About Trends to share another one of their member articles with our Trader's Blog readers after the positive response we received from last weeks article.  Here's the article as outlined by All About Trends in their newsletter dated 4/22/12

In the newsletter for our paying subscribers on Friday we said:

"What we will also want to talk about is what happens if a C wave down of an ABC wave 4 down takes place."

Before we get into the indexes let's take a look at a few blasts from the past as well as a current example of AB Cya's . Continue reading "Does Everyone Know Their ABCs?"

What To Watch Out For

By: All About Trends

In the stock market there are three things you need to know.

  • Uptrends and how to trade them
  • Downtrends and how to trade them
  • Change In Trends and how to identify them be it down to up or up to down.

Given we are sitting at some year highs all going into May with it's "Sell In May And Go Away" mantra (for those who subscribe to that self fulfilling prophecy) not to mention the potential wave count (5 waves up) and a fair amount of resistance now is a good time to talk a bit about Change In Trend patterns to be aware of. Continue reading "What To Watch Out For"