Simplifying Complicated Charts

On the Trader's Blog you've heard us talk plenty about how to simplify your trading. As a matter of fact, you've heard Adam preach about keeping it simple over the years. Today we've asked Bill Poulos from Profit's Run to share with us how he keeps his trading method simple by using a simple indicator that we could all benefit from. To find out more about Bill Poulos visit his website here.

One of the problems that many traders run into is trying to find the perfect combination of indicators that will lead them to the perfect trading method.  Not only is this a problem for new traders but we find that many experienced traders continue to over complicate their charts with too many indicators.  They often think that the more indicators they can get on the chart the more successful they will be.     This is usually not the case and only leads to more confusion on the part of our entries. The concept of keeping things simple works especially well when applying it to our trading strategies.  The key for many trading methods is to simply know the trend of the pair and then know when to buy or sell that pair.

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Using The Doji Indicator To Determine A Market Trend

Trader Larry Levin, President of Trading Advantage LLC, has agreed to share one of his favorite trading secrets as a special treat to our viewers. Determining a trend can often be tricky. Get Larry’s expert opinion on how to keep it simple. If you like this article, you won’t want to miss his secret one-time framing technique!

Using the Doji

On a candlestick chart, there is a pattern that technicians refer to as a doji. A doji has top and bottom shadows like a regular candlestick, but has practically no real body. This happens when the opening and closing price are the same, or so close that they just leave a sliver of a real body. A doji looks like a plus sign or cross.

Finding a Doji can tell a technical analyst key things about a market trend

Doji are considered a good sign of indecision in a market. Finding a doji with short and nearly identical shadow points suggests a neutral trading session. The market opened, had a small trading range, and then closed at the opening price. Neither bulls nor bears got the upper hand. Longer shadows show potentially greater indecision. They are neutral on their own, but paired with a trend, a doji can hint at a coming change. Continue reading "Using The Doji Indicator To Determine A Market Trend"

Advanced Trading Applications of Candlestick Charting

Brad Matheny and Gary Wagner, founders of International Pacific Trading Co., are giving you a free video workshop just for following our Trader’s Blog! In this video, you'll discover the crucial chart patterns that candlesticks reveal - how to interpret them and how to use them to pinpoint market turns. You'll also learn how to use candlesticks in combination with familiar technical indicators like Stochastics, %R, Relative Strength Index and Moving Averages to create a dynamic, synergistic and extremely successful trading system.

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MarketClub TV- Portfolio Manager

If you weren't able to participate as one of the many LIVE viewers of MarketClub TV last night, that's okay...we recorded it! See what you missed, and join Susan as she navigates through the new MarketClub Portfolio Manager. Even if you have been a loyal user of our service, Susan may introduce you to a nifty feature that you didn't know existed.

Also, we want to congratulate our winner from last night's show. Maria Nar won herself a free one year membership to MarketClub. Thanks for participating Maria!

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MarketClub TV - Making the most out of your Portfolio Manager

Just because Adam is out of the office, doesn't mean that the work stops. Tonight Susan and Jeremy will be conducting MarketClub TV (LIVE) from the studios of MarketClub. They will be doing something a little different that we think you are sure to appreciate. Susan will show you how to navigate through MarketClub with ease and make the most out of our "Trade Triangles" and charts using MarketClub's Portfolio Manager. Whether you are new to MarketClub, or a long time veteran, you don't want to miss this.

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