Gold Chart of The Week

Each Week will be providing us a chart of the week as analyzed by a member of their team. We hope that you enjoy and learn from this new feature.

Weekly Gold Report (February 25th through March 1st)

It was a gut wrenching week for those who stayed long practically anything outside of the US Dollar or the Soybeans last week. Most commodity prices saw their fair share of selling mid-week after it was rumored that a large commodity fund was taking gains in a few markets to defend another large position that they found themselves on the wrong side of. While the name of the fund or the positions are still unknown, I can only guess the fund was taking gains in long positions in the Crude Oil to defend long positions in the Metals. On Wednesday, the Crude Oil Futures took a bath early in the session and selling pressure even carried over into the Thursdays trade before consolidating on Friday. Other commodities were pressured throughout the week as the US Dollar rallied ahead of the release of last months FOMC Minutes. There was nothing particularly shocking about the report as traders expected to hear that FED officials would still be at odds regarding the duration of Quantitative Easing. On top of this release, the market also had to deal with politicians in Washington, who began their media smearing of one another regarding the upcoming Sequester, which must be decided by March 1st. Continue reading "Gold Chart of The Week"