Stock Analysis From A To Z: Letter "C"

Aibek Burabayev - Contributor - Metals

There is not much change in the precious metals charts, and that gave me a chance to find some trading setups for stocks. In this post, I would like to share my analysis of the stocks starting with the letter “C.”

Table 1. Filtered Stocks For Letter “C”

Letter C stocks
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Out of the 19 screened stocks I’ve selected three to analyze as they have clearer chart structure: CAVM, CNK, and CPE. All of them have potentially good short setups. It looks like not all companies could keep the pace with the rising S&P 500 index which continues to make record highs one after the other. Continue reading "Stock Analysis From A To Z: Letter "C""

Stock Analysis From A To Z: Letter "B"

Aibek Burabayev - Contributor - Metals

In this post I would like to share with you the analysis of the stocks with a name starting with letter “B”. There are more stocks to choose from this time, according to the earlier mentioned filter criteria. Four stocks were shortlisted this time as they have clearer chart structure, but only two stocks reached the “well done” level. I witnessed again and again that U.S. stock market offers a lot of opportunities for investors and traders.

Below is the long list for letter “B”.

Table 1. Selected stocks for letter B

Table 1. Selected stocks for letter B
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Out of 24 filtered stocks I picked only four as they have clear chart structure: BBBY, BGCP, BWA and BYD. BBBY is oversold and has the potential for the long trade setup, but one should wait for the breakout of the multi-month downtrend, and try not to guess the bottom, which is always risky. Others have potential short trade setups. BYD, like BBBY is also not ready and continues upside. As I told you many times before, we shouldn’t be biased. I am neither a Permabear nor a Permabull, however only short setups have appeared recently on the chart radar. Continue reading "Stock Analysis From A To Z: Letter "B""

Stock Analysis From A To Z: Starting With The Letter "A"

Aibek Burabayev - Contributor - Metals

Earlier in the year, I had asked you to post things that you would be interested in me analyzing, and to my amazement, many of you asked for stocks. While that is outside my normal scope of the markets, I believe that my technical analysis could prove beneficial. So, with that in mind, I will start to share some technical analysis of U.S. stocks.

To keep it interesting, I plan on cycling through the stock market in alphabetical order using the criteria below.

Of course, I will continue to analyze the precious metals market, and that will still be my primary focus. Continue reading "Stock Analysis From A To Z: Starting With The Letter "A""

Fundamental Analysis or Technical Analysis

Today's guest post is from our friends at the Benzinga News Desk. Today they are going to ponder the age old question of fundamental or technical analysis and discuss the Elliot Wave Principle. Be sure to comment below with your own thoughts and learn more about the Benzinga News Desk here.

Investors and traders have been arguing for the longest time about which overarching strategy is king: fundamental analysis or technical analysis. Long-term investors believe that technical analysis is trash and nothing more than lucky betting, while short-term traders think that fundamental aspects of companies and economies do not matter for short-term price movement. Continue reading "Fundamental Analysis or Technical Analysis"

Fundamental or Technical Analysis

Today I've asked Tony from to talk a little about Fundamental VS Technical Analysis when it comes to the grains...and trader in general! Enjoy!


I have always been a faithful user of technical analysis as my choice of ways to predict market direction, and I have had much better success with it as compared to what I have had with fundamental analysis.

Technical analysis lets me use a price chart to compare the past and present markets to find profitable trends and patterns, which brings me to one exception that I do use at times.

Although I don’t put much faith in crop reports, hard freezes, or droughts, I have had some use for seasonal patterns in the grain markets, and I like them, because I can identify them on a price chart.

Now, a tendency is just that, a tendency. Not all seasonal patterns are consistent enough to trade on, so you have to be careful to only use them as a guide and not as a fact. You must verify them with technical analysis before you actually make a trade. Don’t make a trade based solely on the seasonal tendency, or you probably won’t have much success!

Seasonal data can be found many places, but the best tendencies to use are the ones you can validate for yourself, on a chart. One of the best tendencies, I have identified, is for Oat futures to bottom around July and August, and then rise into December. (That’s just a little tip!)

Just remember to verify seasonal patterns with technical analysis, and always keep your stops placed! Good luck with your trading.

Tony Lorenzo