In Precious Metals, Cash Flow Is King

The Gold Report: Many believe that the price of gold represents a market referendum on the value of paper money and the health of the world economy. Do you agree?

Jay Taylor: Yes, I do. Gold rose from the mid-$200s/ounce (mid-$200/oz) in 2002 to as high as $1,900/oz. That clearly suggests that things are not all right in the global economy. Politicians like to create the illusion that they can create something out of nothing and give it to people in exchange for votes. Gold gets in the way of that falsehood politicians wish to use to deceive voters for their own gain and the gain of those who fund their election campaigns.

TGR: Gold has fallen from $1,900/oz to below $1,400/oz. Some people say this proves the bubble has burst. Continue reading "In Precious Metals, Cash Flow Is King"