In Precious Metals, Cash Flow Is King

The Gold Report: Many believe that the price of gold represents a market referendum on the value of paper money and the health of the world economy. Do you agree?

Jay Taylor: Yes, I do. Gold rose from the mid-$200s/ounce (mid-$200/oz) in 2002 to as high as $1,900/oz. That clearly suggests that things are not all right in the global economy. Politicians like to create the illusion that they can create something out of nothing and give it to people in exchange for votes. Gold gets in the way of that falsehood politicians wish to use to deceive voters for their own gain and the gain of those who fund their election campaigns.

TGR: Gold has fallen from $1,900/oz to below $1,400/oz. Some people say this proves the bubble has burst. Continue reading "In Precious Metals, Cash Flow Is King"

Perched on the Knife's Edge with Jay Taylor

The Gold Report: Jay, what investment themes are you focusing on in your newsletter?

Jay Taylor: I focus a lot on the huge credit deflation that the markets are demanding. Debt has become so large that it cannot be serviced with the amount of income available. The so-called solution requires the creation of more debt money. In a fiat currency system, money is debt.

At some point, total debt levels have to be wound down to levels akin to the normal levels of the past when total debt to GDP in the U.S. ranged between 175% and 225%. Following Lehman Brothers it grew to over 360%! These debt levels simply cannot be repaid from current income steams even with zero interest rates. Those debt levels are leading to tension in the banking system that bodes very well for gold because people are starting to lose confidence in the banking system and in the fiat monetary system itself. As long as credit deflation remains intact, it will be a very bullish environment for gold and gold mining stocks. Continue reading "Perched on the Knife's Edge with Jay Taylor"