A New Immunotherapy ETF Has Launched

Noah Kiedrowski - INO.com Contributor - Biotech


I previously wrote an article laying the groundwork for an exciting immunotherapy ETF launching in the second half of 2015, “A Niche ETF In The Potentially Promising Future Of Immunotherapy Is On The Horizon.” Loncar Investments has teamed up with an ETF firm and finally launched its immunotherapy ETF, Loncar Cancer Immunotherapy ETF (ticker symbol: CNRC). I wanted to update readers on the latest information and launch of the ETF as many readers requested.


Immunotherapy has emerged as an exciting therapeutic area that has experienced massive growth over the past few years in terms of research and development expenditures and a sheer number of clinical trials throughout the biotechnology sector. Immunotherapy ushers in a new class of potentially promising therapies by leveraging the immune system to recognize and eradicate debilitating diseases, specifically cancer and chronic viral infections. This immunotherapy approach may inevitably result in a paradigm shift from traditional medical intervention. Immunotherapy possesses holistic attributes by harnessing the body’s immune system to contend with the disease. Continue reading "A New Immunotherapy ETF Has Launched"