This Forgotten Stock Could Be About To Break Out

Daniel Cross - Contributor - Equities

Wall Street is a fickle environment that often focuses on hot new growth plays prioritizing chasing the next big thing to replace already established names like Apple or Google. "Sexy" investments like technology companies and niche industries may capture the headlines, but experienced investors know that consistency is the key to long-term success in the stock market.

Businesses don't need to be involved in the latest trends or the hottest new emerging market in order to make outstanding profits. There are plenty of industries with stable growth prospects that are engaged in mundane services and easily overlooked.

The waste and recycling management industry fits the definition of an "unsexy" investment perfectly. It's not a glamorous business on the surface, but looks can be deceiving. Thanks to a heavy push for green initiatives, this industry has been reinventing itself over the past decade and could offer investors an opportunity for higher gains. Continue reading "This Forgotten Stock Could Be About To Break Out"

Don't Worry About Bulls or Bears, This 'Sin' Stock Is A Buy Regardless

Daniel Cross - Contributor - Equities

Sin stocks are popular with most investors. These are the types of companies that peddle alcohol, cigarettes and gambling to consumers – products and services that appeal to vices. It's popularity is easy to understand though. These companies tend to do well regardless of the economic environment. Whether the economy is expanding or contracting, people will still consume alcohol, smoke cigarettes and gamble.

For long-term investors, these are good stocks to own. They might be subject to short-term volatility, but generally have high free cash flow, operating margins and growth expectations. Alcohol in particular right now has a lot of potential for future growth.

The expanding global middle class – especially in BRIC economies – are becoming more demanding of what they want. Name-brand liquor and beer have proliferated in these countries as consumers have developed disposable income. Continue reading "Don't Worry About Bulls or Bears, This 'Sin' Stock Is A Buy Regardless"

3 ways to the use the 200 day moving average

Today we welcome Michele Schneider to the Trader's Blog. Michele is going to share with you how she uses the 200 day moving average to trade. Michele "Mish" Schneider is the Director of Trading Education & Research for MarketGauge. She provides in-depth trader training as the market analyst, writer and host of Mish's Market Minute, contributes to several online trading publications a series of trading strategy articles called Taking Stock, and serves as a regular contributor to MarketGauge's free newsletter Market Outlook.

The 200 day moving average may be the granddaddy of moving averages. Simply put, a financial instrument that is trading above it is healthy; below it, anemic. The 200 day moving average measures the sentiment of the market on a longer term basis. This is where major players like pension plans and hedge funds need to look in order to move a large amount of stocks. I display it on all my workspaces proudly, formatted in emerald green and real thick so I can't help but notice. Continue reading "3 ways to the use the 200 day moving average"

This new/old technical tool can make you money (new video)

This video is a little bit different from our previous videos in that we show you some of the new improvements we've just added to MarketClub.

I just got the word from my business partner Dave Maher, who is the technical part of the team that he had just upgraded the MarketClub charts. I was so excited at the improvements that I decided to rush over to our digital studios and create a new video. All credit goes to Dave and his team who did an outstanding job on this new MarketClub release.

One major improvement and one I believe you're going to really enjoy and profit from is a study called "Donchian Channels." This study is named after its inventor Richard Donchian who created this amazing technical juggernaut in the late 40s.

There are also a ton of other improvements like, cross hairs and a new 200 day moving average study which I think you'll enjoy. You might be surprised at how I use the 200 day moving average.

You can view this new video with our compliments. There are no registration requirements. Please enjoy and give your feedback on our blog. Thank you.

All the best,

Adam Hewison
Co-creator, MarketClub