Today's Video Update: Stocks Subdued After Record Week

Hello traders everywhere! Jeremy Lutz here, with your mid-day market update for Monday, the 6th of May.

Stocks are little changed after record week
The stock market cleared new milestones Friday after the government reported that employers added more workers. However, that hasn't translated into a strong Monday open as investors turned more cautious, focusing once again on the problems facing the global economy. Though growth in the U.S. is holding up well, it is slowing in China. The 17 country Eurozone remains in recession and unemployment there has been hitting a series of record highs.

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On Investor's Minds:
United States - homegrown terrorists
North Korea - an agent for China?
Europe - ITALY has a government. YEAH!
The FED - OMG do they know what they are doing?
May 19th – Debt ceiling suspension expire

Every Success,
Jeremy Lutz