Don't Panic, Buy Silver

The Gold Report: Precious metal bullion and equities are taking a hit right now in the market. Why do you feel silver is an interesting investment today?

Rick Mills: There is a disconnect this year between silver and gold. They usually trade in lockstep, and their market prices are doing that.

As of April 2, more than 140 tons of gold has flowed out of various exchange traded funds (ETFs) this year, while silver ETFs have added more than 20 million ounces (20 Moz). Maybe that is because silver is more affordable than gold or because silver also has industrial uses.

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Rick Mills: Low-Cost Producers Trump Larger Mines in Costly Market

The Gold Report: Rick, is this a good time to be buying gold?

Rick Mills: There are three key reasons to have exposure to gold bullion. The traditional reason is to protect against inflation. We're printing money. More quantitative easing has taken place and inflation looks to be coming down the pike. I buy groceries. I pay for gas. I can see inflation. I firmly believe it's going to get higher over the coming months and years. Buying gold as a protection against inflation is realistic.

The second reason investors have traditionally bought gold is as a safe-haven investment. There's a lot going on in the worldfrom secession talk in the U.S. to turmoil in Israel, Iran, Syria, the South China Sea region and Turkey.

One of the things that most investors don't know about gold is that adding a gold allocation to your portfolio, especially over the last decade or so, has provided substantial enhancements to the portfolio's return.

Gold helps minimize the downside deviations in an overall portfolio. In 2002, the SP 500 was down 23%. Emerging market equities were down 6%. International equities were down 16%. Yet gold was up 25%.

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