Classic Trading Videos

Over the years, the trades you take will change, but the fundamentals you need to trade will always stay the same. With this in mind, we've dug into our vault and pulled out some of the best, most worthwhile Classic Trading Videos we could find.

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Reducing Risk In Options featuring Larry McMillan

Larry McMillan explains just how easy it is to trade options. In this fascinating trading seminar, Larry shares his a short-term trading system and philosophy on options. Larry is a best-selling finance author and an expert on options trading.

Simply visit the link above and tell us where to send the link and password to watch this educational trading seminar.

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Is Amazon losing it?

In today's short video we look at Amazon, not the river, but the stock. Yesterday (6/28/10) I spotted some market action that I wanted to bring to your attention. Unfortunately, I could not release this video any sooner because of scheduling.

Amazon is in a whole lot of trouble in my opinion. Not only are our "Trade Triangles" negative, but also an important technical element for Amazon was breached. This one element is one of the simplest, yet most powerful technical tools you can use in trading.

I think you'll enjoy this very simple approach as it has worked consistently over the years. As always our videos are free to watch and there are no registration requirements. All we ask is that you comment on our blog about this video.

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Trader’s Whiteboard: Lesson 8

Despite a shaky economy recently, there are traders still making money. If you're wondering how, watch today's Trader's Whiteboard video where Adam will share how you can be successful in any market. He points out 5 components that every trader can put in place and see results immediately.

Click here to see the last installment in the Trader's Whiteboard series and beef up your trading strategy.


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Investors and Traders Are Still Talking About This Trading Video

Attention all Trader's Blog readers:

This timeless video was first shown to MarketClub Members on 9/18/09 and bears watching again.

One of the oldest myths about trading is the buy and hold myth. While this strategy may have worked in certain markets at certain times, I do not believe we are in a time frame where this strategy is going to meet with a lot of success.

The world around us is changing rapidly and therefore it is important to have strategies that can change with this new regime.

In today’s video (first shown on 9/18/09) I’m going to show how the buy and hold strategy is flawed when you compare it to our “Trade Triangle” technology. I think you will be surprised at the results and how well you can do using this simple approach to markets.

There is no need to register for this video and of course you can watch it with my compliments. I highly recommend watching this video today, otherwise you risk missing out on a formula that provides a market proven strategy.

Enjoy the video and please give us your feedback on this blog.

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