Afternoon Market Update (4/15/11)

Do you smell something burning? It must be the metal markets because they're on fire!!! Need a hot ETF for your portfolio? We've got that too. See what you missed from today's market update. Be sure to join me LIVE, every weekday at 1PM ET for current, actionable data for your trades.

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6 thoughts on “Afternoon Market Update (4/15/11)

  1. Adam,

    I understqnd you are looking for a $50 dollar silver. How would you set your trailing stops, now that the price is so far ahead of the weekly and monthly triangles? How would you set yourself up to take profits in this exciting market?

    Thanks so much for your insights on such a regular basis.

    1. David,

      One way you may want to protect your profits in this market is to use MarketClub's "Parabolic indicator". This indicator tracks the market pretty carefully and should the market reverse, which it will eventually you should get you out pretty close to the highs. You may also should take profits at the $50 an ounce area should we get there on half your position and have a very tight stop on the balance.

      Hope this helps,

  2. I wanted to say thank you to Adam and the Marketclub team. There have been 3 recent improvments to the website that have not only made it better, but have taken it to another level:

    1)The 1pm daily updates, this has improved my trading success, going over the strongest trends with Adam.

    2)the portfolios, this has made it easier to track the markets and find opportunities.

    3)The 4pm PST Thursday webinars, have gotten alot of useful information from these.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  3. Hello
    as always thanks for sharing your knowledge
    Mr Adam in your weekend update please make sure to give us a detailed analysis on the SP500. I can see a potencial reverce head and shoulder formation. At which price point do you think this formation will be valid? perhaps 1340? And on the other hand at which price point we can safely say that the formation has failed to form?
    Hoping im not asking too much i d like one last thing, can you explain with a little bit more detail your claim that the market will rollover close to the area of 62% retracement? I mean are there other technical reasons for your belief except the Fib?

    thanks in advance Mr Adam.
    Have a nice weekend you and everybody else there in MarketClub

    1. Harris,

      Thanks for your feedback. Please follow my 1 p.m. updates as I will include the outlook for the SP500.

      All the best,

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