Gold Chart of The Week

Each Week will be providing us a chart of the week as analyzed by a member of their team. We hope that you enjoy and learn from this new feature.

Weekly Gold Report (August 19th through August 23rd)

Market bulls were dealt a blow last week as stock traders began booking profit on long positions in expectation of a FED taper in their bond purchase program. The selling pushed the stock indexes lower throughout the week until the Dow suffered its largest weekly drop in over a year. Similarly, the US Bond Markets fell under pressure as traders continued to try to anticipate the FED’s next decision regarding Quantitative Easing and Interest Rates. Continue reading "Gold Chart of The Week"

"Saturday Seminars" - Finding, Averaging & Forecasting Cycles in the Stock and Commodities Markets

Stan teaches you how to recognize, manage and make profitable use of cyclical movements in the markets. He shows you how cycles work with various formations. During his presentation, Stan integrates cycles with several common tools and technical studies such as the Relative Strength Index and Stochastics. The information derived from cycle studies gives the user an important factor to insert into the formulas in order to make the studies more sensitive and responsive. All stock, futures and cash traders will benefit from Stan’s presentation. His workshop will provide you with a greater understanding of cycles as useful timing tools.

Stan EhrlichStan Ehrlich graduated from Southern Illinois University in 1971 and joined Conti Commodities Services in the fall of that year. After trading for a few years, Stan invented the Ehrlich Cycle Finder, a physical, accordion-like device used to find cycle activity in any chart. The oldest mechanical technical analysis tool in the futures industry, the Ehrlich Cycle Finder can be used on all kinds of markets worldwide. Often quoted in publications such as Bond Week, Successful Farming Magazine, Crane Chicago Business Weekly, Futures magazine, and Stocks and Commodities magazine, Stan has also made numerous appearances on television and radio. Several technical analysis texts mention or detail the Ehrlich Cycle Finder. Stan has taught at dozens of investment seminars around the world, including several real-time trading seminars. In the past, Stan has worked with such well-known investment personalities as Jake Bernstein, Robert Prechter, and Robert Saperstein. Stan currently faxes a timely technical analysis market letter to his clients every few days.


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