Did This Multi-Billion Dollar Company Just Make A Major Reversal To The Upside?

Today, I'm going to be looking at a very well-known stock that has all the tell-tale signs of having put in a major low this week. This company also just announced a new CEO, as well as a significant earnings beat.

In addition to this stock, I will also be looking at all three of the major indices. All three indices flashed warning signals yesterday to move to the sidelines.

The broad trading range that is the gold market right now continues. Today, gold experienced a sizable decline and is rapidly approaching the lower levels of its trading range.

Crude oil has taken a bit of a pause, but remains on its upside trajectory. I'm still thinking that an upside target zone of somewhere around $68-$70 a barrel is in the cards.

The dominant dollar has been losing ground against the Euro for the past four weeks. While we may see another dollar bounce, the dollar continues to look less powerful than it did just four weeks ago. I still think that the euro can go somewhat higher (1.1500) from where it is right now.

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April Was A Positive Month For All Of The Indices

Despite choppy trading conditions, all the major indices closed out the month of April in the plus column. While these gains were very small, they were nonetheless gains for the month. The NASDAQ closed out the month at 4,941.88 which represented a gain of .69%. The S&P led the group with a gain of .85%, while the Dow lagged with just a small gain of .36% for the month of April.

There was no question about it, the last week in April was difficult with the sharp drop in equity prices. If one looked just at the short-term trends, you could easily be blinded to the longer-term positive trends that are currently in place for all the major indices.

In today's video, I'll be examining the major indices to see how much damage was done with this short-term pullback. I will also be looking at gold which closed out the month of April with small losses and looks to be on the defensive today. Continue reading "April Was A Positive Month For All Of The Indices"

Will The NASDAQ And S&P 500 Continue To Move Higher?

This week both the NASDAQ and S&P 500 made new all time highs and in doing so turned the Trade Triangles back to the positive mode on both indices.

Well here we are, it's Friday, and the question is. Is this trend going to continue? I say yes, at least for now.

The only index that has not joined the party is the Dow. The problem with the Dow is that it is made up of just 30 stocks big stocks who are not seeing much growth as of late and have been somewhat hurt with the strong dollar. Unlike the NASDAQ and the S&P 500 which are much broader indices and offer a bigger cross-section of growth stocks. Continue reading "Will The NASDAQ And S&P 500 Continue To Move Higher?"

European Stocks Soar As The Euro Sinks

As yields on bonds and interest rates trend lower, investors around the world are looking at equities to save the day.

It doesn't matter if it's Europe or Asia, equities have been in a strong upward trend - just the opposite of what has been happening to interest rates. Can this trend continue? The answer may surprise you. Just this morning it was released that 52% of America is not in the U.S. stock market, they are not in mutual funds, nor do they have an IRA account.

That's an awful lot of firepower that is still on the sidelines that potentially could move into stocks. Here's my concern, these are largely uneducated investors and that could cause problems for the market down the road. Continue reading "European Stocks Soar As The Euro Sinks"