Another Big Cyber-Security Hack, When Should You Buy The HACK ETF

Matt Thalman - Contributor - ETFs

The world of Exchange Traded Funds is massive and growing every day. Whether it’s a simple index fund to a specialty fund that focuses on a very niche industry, you can most likely find an ETF that is right for you. I often tout the S&P 500 index funds for their low cost and how easy they are for a non-financial savvy investor to get into the market and start investing.

But, for those who have a solid understanding of the markets, the risks, and enjoy finding new investments, I love highlighting the niche ETF's I find. One of my favorite specialty ETF's is the PureFunds ISE Cyber Security ETF (HACK). HACK tracks an equal-weighted index of companies that are actively involved in the cyber security industry.

With the recent global hack that locked users out of their computers and demanded a ransom be paid, the HACK ETF received little attention, while the companies it owns received a lot. That attack once again highlighted the importance of cyber-security and how cyber-attacks are here to stay and will only likely become more prevalent with time. Continue reading "Another Big Cyber-Security Hack, When Should You Buy The HACK ETF"

Quadruple Leveraged ETF Approved and I Am Terrified

Matt Thalman - Contributor - ETFs

At the beginning of May 2017 the wise, an all knowing Securities & Exchange Commission approved a new leveraged Exchange Traded Fund. While SEC approvals for new funds don’t often make headlines, the reason this was did because of the amount of leverage the new ETF offers and what it means for the future of investing.

On May 2, 2017, the SEC approved the ForceShares Daily 4x US Markets Futures Long Fund which will have the ticker "UP" and the ForceShares Daily 4x US Markets Futures Short Fund which will have the ticker "DOWN."

Yes, you did read that correctly, these are 4X funds which will deliver 400% the daily performance of the S&P 500. Previously investors had access to 3X funds, which offered 300% the daily moves of the indexes they track, but with this move, 400% may now seem to be the benchmark. Continue reading "Quadruple Leveraged ETF Approved and I Am Terrified"

Is This ETF Laying The Foundation For A Rally In Crude Oil?

Picking bottoms is not something one should do if you're going to be a successful trader. But looking at market that may be forming a bottom is a good exercise, and one that you should be doing on a regular basis.

I had done this before gold reversed to the upside traded over $1300 an ounce. Maybe it's time to look at crude oil and see if it's beginning to set itself up for a move to the upside.

Technically, the Trade Triangles remain negative on crude oil, so there is no reversal showing up with those technical tools.

The story is a little bit different with the RSI indicator. This particular indicator is showing that there is a big positive divergence on the Energy Select Sector SPDR ETF (PACF:XLE), and it is one that spans months.

Today I'm looking at the ETF XLE and the fact that if it closes higher for the week, it will be a positive sign. The previous week saw a very important Japanese candlestick formation call a "Dragon Fly Doji" this can be interpreted as a strong indication of reversal. It all depend's on how XLE closes this Friday. Continue reading "Is This ETF Laying The Foundation For A Rally In Crude Oil?"

7 ETFs To Buy Today

Hello traders everywhere! Adam Hewison here, President of and Co-creator of MarketClub, with your mid-day market update for Monday, the 9th of September.

Finding winning trades among literally thousands of stocks used to be difficult and time consuming. Now, thanks to high-speed computers, that task is so much easier. One of the many things I like about MarketCub is its ability to sort through thousands of symbols with just a few mouse clicks.

nasPersonally, I like to see ETFs that have good volume and I do not trade in markets that trade less than a hundred thousand shares a day. It is too easy for a market like that to be manipulated by a few players. Like everybody else, I don't like to be manipulated.

Today, I found seven ETFs that show potential buy signals using our Trade Triangle and Smart Scan technology. I'll show you how I used our scanning tools and share with you what ETFs I found in this video. Who knows? These ETFs could be just right for your portfolio. Continue reading "7 ETFs To Buy Today"

Exchange-traded funds entering new phase of growth

The headlines about exchange-traded funds suggest there are no limits to the growth of these low-cost, easily traded alternatives to mutual funds.

Among the recent developments: ETFs have attracted at least $100 billion in new cash for each of the past six years, growing at a far more rapid pace than traditional mutual funds. ETF assets have doubled over the past three years to $1.4 trillion, with one study projecting they'll hit $3.5 trillion by 2016. ETFs have recently begun to appear as investment options in 529 college-savings plans and 401(k)s.

Yet obstacles are beginning to appear. It has become more difficult for fund companies to launch ETFs that are significantly different or lower-cost than what's already on the market.

"We're close to a tipping point in terms of numbers," says Todd Rosenbluth, director of ETF research at S&P Capital IQ. Continue reading "Exchange-traded funds entering new phase of growth"