How You Can Make Money From Market Volatility

Matt Thalman - Contributor - ETFs

Based on a number of recent reports indicating the major indexes could end the year flat from where they sit today, I offered a few ideas on how investors could still profit during the last four months of 2017.

One of those ways was using Exchange Traded Funds that invest in the futures of the Volatility Index. For most investors, the CBOE Volatility Index or VIX or even the 'fear gauge,' is a rather complicated and confusing market measuring stick. So, today we are going to go through the 'ins' and 'outs' of the VIX and go into a little more detail on how the average investor can use the VIX ETF's to turn a little profit from time to time.

The CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) was designed to put a number on market volatility so investors could trade and make money based on the volatility of the stock market. This is achieved through the use of the futures market and options prices. The VIX tells investors the square root of the risk-neutral expectation of the S&P 500 variance during the following 30 calendar days.

The VIX is often quoted as a number, say 10, 20, 25. That number represents the expected annualized change, with a 68% probability of being true, of the S&P 500. So for example if the VIX is at 20, it would be predicting the S&P 500 will change up or down by 20% over the next 12 months. Continue reading "How You Can Make Money From Market Volatility"

Caution, Caution, Caution

Here we are at the first trading day of 2015. You may remember one of my posts in December indicating that the markets can be quite dangerous over the holiday time period. Well, that same danger carries over in to the first week of January when many traders are just getting back from vacations and preparing to setup their trading desks for the New Year. Typically, I like to get serious about the market after the first full trading week of January is over and volume once again returns to the market.

At the moment, we're still in a very low volume period indicating that the markets can be extremely volatile on a moment's notice. You only have to look at gold in the last several days to see the extreme swings up and down that market is going through, which proves my point. This extreme kind of market action can happen in any market with little or no notice - so the word for today and next week is caution, caution, caution.

On A Personal Note

I hope everyone had a wonderful time with family and loved ones over the Christmas holidays.

I am very fortunate, thought some would say unfortunate, that right after Christmas I have a birthday. The 26th of December is my birthday, for those of you living in England and Australia, that's Boxing Day. I've gotten to the age when birthday presents really aren't my thing anymore as I pretty much have all the underwear and socks I will ever need. However, this year was different, as I did want something, something very special and close to my heart. Continue reading "Caution, Caution, Caution"

5 Weekend Trading Opportunities

Hello traders and MarketClub members everywhere! Well, here we are, a week before Christmas, and the markets have just been going crazy as we can all see. With that in mind, I want to bring to your attention five trending stocks that just had their weekly Trade Triangles kick in strengthening their longer-term bull trend.

I'll also be looking at five weekend trading opportunities. That's when I look at stocks that are making 52-week highs on Friday and hold them over the weekend and sell them on the opening of the market Tuesday morning. Now there are caveats with this type of trading, the first one is the stock must close at or close to its weekly highs. The stock cannot make a high for the day and then close at its low at closing time that would disqualify it as a weekend candidate.

I am not a big fan of trading this late in the year due to high volatility and low volume. However, if you feel compelled to trade, the trades in today's video are the trades that I like.

2014 has been a wonderful year with lots of trading opportunities; I don't want to see anyone blow up on the last two weeks of the year.

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Let's go to the video and check out those 5 trending stocks that I see as 5 potential weekend trading opportunities.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Every success with MarketClub,
Adam Hewison
Co-Creator, MarketClub

Top Yielding Debt Free Stocks

When the market corrects like it does many people see value in stocks. But what about compaines that have low stock prices compared to their history...but a ton of debt? It's often hard to find those companies with good potential without a lot of debt. Today I've asked to come and give us some insight into potential markets. Please consult with your broker, Trade Triangles, or your preferred technical indicator before making any trades. These are not trade recommendations...just great hints!


Top Yielding Debt Free Stocks

With the extreme market volatility that has been taking place lately, investors are looking toward high yield stocks, so they have income coming in while waiting for their stocks to appreciate. In addition, investors prefer companies with no debt for additional safety. Combine those two features together, and look for the stocks with low PE ratios and low PEG ratios and you get the following list.

United Online, Inc. (UNTD) is an Internet and media services companies which owns the NetZero and Juno brands. The stock has a PE of 10 , a PEG ratio of 0.86 , and pays a yield of 9.84%.

Williams Pipeline Partners L.P. (WMZ) is a natural gas transportation and storage company. The stock has a PE of 2 , a PEG ratio of 0.24 , and pays a yield of 9.29%.

Pioneer Southwest Energy Partners L.P. (PSE) owns oil and gas properties. The stock has a PE of 5 , a PEG ratio of 0.68 , and pays a yield of 8.56%.

Starlims Technologies Limited (LIMS) creates and markets laboratory information management systems software solutions. The stock has a PE of 9 , a PEG ratio of 0.60 , and pays a yield of 7.17%.

NutriSystem Inc. (NTRI) is a provider of weight management and fitness products and services. The stock has a PE of 6 , a PEG ratio of 0.34 , and pays a yield of 5.86%.

Maxim Integrated Products Inc. (MXIM) makes and sells linear and mixed-signal integrated circuits. The stock has a PE of 14 , a PEG ratio of 0.92 , and pays a yield of 5.71%.

Electro Rent Corporation (ELRC) rents, leases, and sells electronic equipment. The stock has a PE of 15 , a PEG ratio of 0.99 , and pays a yield of 5.22%.

Patterson-UTI Energy, Inc. (PTEN) is a provider of onshore contract drilling services. The stock has a PE of 6 , a PEG ratio of 0.57 , and pays a yield of 5.10%.

Christopher & Banks Corporation (CBK) designs and markets women's apparel. The stock has a PE of 12 , a PEG ratio of 0.88 , and pays a yield of 4.67%.

Safety Insurance Group, Inc. (SAFT) is a provider of automobile insurance in Massachusetts. The stock has a PE of 7 , a PEG ratio of 0.49 , and pays a yield of 4.36%.

If you like high yield stocks, you should check out the the High Yield Utility stocks and the Monthly Dividend Stocks at You should also take a look at Top Yielding Defense and Aerospace Stocks.

Author owns UNTD.