Read This Before Investing In Commodities

I want to show you the best way to invest in gold and other commodities. But there is something you need to know...

Commodities are risky. One of the riskiest things an individual investor can attempt.

It's estimated that 95% of individual commodity futures traders lose money. That means 19 out of 20 walk away with less than they started. 

You see, commodities trading is not investing. It's speculating that prices will move one way or the other. That's akin to gambling in my book.

Really, the only people that make serious money in commodities trading are the brokers. They pocket hefty commissions from clients that speculate on gold, wheat, oil, cattle, lumber and even coffee.  Continue reading "Read This Before Investing In Commodities"

How Does a Trader Who Runs from Risk Achieve THIS Track Record?

In the late '70s, Peter Brandt emptied his trading accounts several times. He'd lose a string of trades, then refund his account, then "wipe out" all over again.

But he persisted because he knew he was meant for a trading career. His determination paid off.

In 1982, a currency chart "sang a song" for Brandt. By that time he had saved his earnings and supplied his trading account with a healthy sum. Continue reading "How Does a Trader Who Runs from Risk Achieve THIS Track Record?"

Gold's "Contrarian Moment"

By David Galland, Casey Research

Glancing at the news most days, it's hard not to feel like Bill Murray's character in Groundhog Day. In the event you are unfamiliar with the movie, in it Murray's character becomes trapped in the same day… day after day.

In the current circular condition, we have the powers-that-be assuring us that the next high-level meeting will finally produce a permanent fix to the broken economy, essentially solving the sovereign debt crisis. Then, in no more than a few days, or at most a couple of weeks, the fix is revealed to be flawed and the crisis again sparks into flames... Continue reading "Gold's "Contrarian Moment""

Options - Learn The Greeks

We had such positive feedback with the options short lesson series that we're running this week, so we decided to search for a related seminar...and we found one! Expert Ron Ianieri has decided to share his seminar, Options - Learn The Greeks, for FREE as a special tread to MarketClub and users. You do not want to miss this educational seminar about risk and investment.

No matter what the investment, an investor needs to know and fully understand the potential risks of the investment prior to committing capital to that investment.

Discover what has aided this trader’s success for years…

-The MarketClub Team