Today's Top 3 Drifting Stocks

It has been a reasonably strong earnings season. Despite growing nervousness on Wall Street, companies are putting forward good revenue numbers reflecting the robust recovery and positive forward guidance.

All but one of the Dow 30 companies beat analysts' estimates this summer earnings season.

Dow Earnings Beats & Misses for Summer Season

The Boeing Company (BA) was one of this season's biggest surprises for the Dow 30. Analysts forecasted -$0.65/share. However, the company reported $0.40/share, 161% over the analysts' forecasts. Management pointed to higher commercial airplane deliveries and lower period costs. Continue reading "Today's Top 3 Drifting Stocks"

This Unlikely Stock Is Hitting On All Cylinders

Daniel Cross - Contributor - Equities

It's no secret – it's a tough market out there. Oil prices are at record lows, the US dollar remains stubbornly strong, and now the Fed has all but admitted that the economy is weaker than expected and we might need to start preparing for negative rates.

In this kind of environment, smaller companies can often slip through the volatility. They can ride the waves of uncertainty and ignore macroeconomic hardships that plague their larger competitors making the smaller one an unlikely winner. If that stock is an industry which is trending higher, that's even better.

One stock in the communications sector is slipping through the noise and could be a huge opportunity for investors. The communications sector is widely viewed as an industry undergoing a rising tide, which as most investors know means it lifts all ships within that industry. Continue reading "This Unlikely Stock Is Hitting On All Cylinders"

Can MarketClub's Trade Triangle Technology Predict Earnings?

Today, I'm going to investigate whether or not MarketClub's Trade Triangle technology can predict stock earnings.

To do this I randomly chose 7 stocks that just reported their Q3 earnings. Here are the rules I followed for taking or not taking a position in a stock before a company announced its earnings.

Long And Short Rules

Use the Trade Triangle technology to determine how you would have been positioned in each stock before they announced their earnings. You are looking for uniformity between the monthly and weekly Trade Triangles, i.e. a matching monthly and weekly green Trade Triangle would indicate holding a long position before an earnings announcement. Conversely, a matching monthly and weekly red Trade Triangle would indicate holding a short position before an earnings announcement.

Sideline Rules

When there is a conflict between the weekly and monthly Trade Triangles, a sideline position is in order. For example, if a monthly Trade Triangle is green and the weekly Trade Triangle is red, it would indicate a sideline position.

Here are 7 stocks that just announced their earnings: Continue reading "Can MarketClub's Trade Triangle Technology Predict Earnings?"