Weekend Update for week ending 4/22/12

Out of the nine sectors we track every week,  three sectors were in the red for the week.  The largest fall was in technology with that sector being down 1.37%. On the plus side, healthcare was up 2.12% with HGSI up an astounding 99.78%.

Listed below are the nine sectors and last week’s  top performing stocks in that sector.

CONSUMER GOODS:  +0.15%            Top Stock PII  +9.82%
SERVICES:  +0.35%                               Top Stock EBAY  +10.90%
HEALTHCARE:  +2.12%                  Top Stock HGSI   +99.78%
ENERGY:  -0.96%                                  Top Stock CVI  +6.33%
TECHNOLOGY:  -1.37%                   Top Stock SXCI  +21.36%
FINANCIAL:  +1.13%                            Top Stock CHSI  +45.16%
INDUSTRIAL GOODS:  +0.54%        Top Stock TEX  +9.54%
BASIC MATERIALS:  -0.19%              Top Stock GGC  +7.98%
UTILITIES:  +1.30%                              Top Stock NKA  +15.50%

Let us know what you think of these stocks. Click here to view today's video.


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