Bears Smashed Silver, Is Gold Next?

Last month I was wondering “Is It A Trap?” for the top precious metals, referring to the short term bounce that we have been observing.

Bears have smashed the silver price badly below the former valley. Hence, I would start the update with its monthly chart below.

Silver Futures Monthly

Source: TradingView

Silver futures topped around the $21 mark the same day the previous update was posted in the middle of August and then it dropped like a rock to the downside.

The price already drills down the largest Volume Profile (orange) support as it entered the $16-$18 range. The peak volume was registered at the $17 level in the monthly chart. Below $16 the support weakens and further down below $14 there is a volume support gap.

I built the black downtrend with a red mid-channel in this big chart above. We could visually distinguish the first drop (large left red down arrow) from 2011 to 2015. The following huge corrective structure emerged during 2015-2021. Now the market could build the second leg down. The mid-channel support is located at $13.5, right below the above mentioned lower volume area.

We can mark the lower supports for the future. The Flash-Crash valley is at $11.6 fortified with the all-in sustaining costs located at $10.9. The valley of the distant 1991 at $3.5 is the next possible support.

Bulls should push the price outside of the downtrend beyond $27 to turn the tables. Continue reading "Bears Smashed Silver, Is Gold Next?"