See how we did trading, corn, wheat, soybeans, crude oil, gold and the dollar index for Q1 of this year.

Q1 - 2009 Results

The first quarter of the year proved to be very challenging for many traders and MarketClub as well. We have been tracking the same six markets for the pat seven quarters now. Although we have had tremendous success with our signals, this quarter we had four markets which presented profits, while two of them produced losses. Not ideal.. but real.

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How low can the DOW go?

Make no mistake about it, the market action on Wednesday (November 19th) was extremely negative for all of the indices that we track. The close below 8,000 on the DOW can only be described as negative, indicating further weakness to the downside. I am looking for this index to trade down to around the 6600-6700 level.

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Looking at the charts using our "Trade Triangle" technology, it is clear that the Dow has been under pressure since our first major sell signal at 11,290. I see no reason to alter this stand, as I believe the trend will continue to be on the downside. I expect to see further weakness in the weeks and months to come.
What's an investor to do? As a trader or investor there are three choices you have as an investor:

1. You can go long a market.
2. You can go short a market.
3. You can move into cash.

I'm often amused when I see people buying "defensive stocks." Why not get out of the market entirely when it's going down. Doesn't that make common sense to everyone?

However, most brokers want you to stay in the market at all times fearing that they will miss a bottom. Truth is, most investors (including brokers) missed the top, so what makes anyone so sure that they'll catch the bottom?
The key in trading is not to get out at the top, or in at the bottom. Anyone who tells you to do that isn't playing smart in the markets, and most likely claims that they are holding the "holy grail" of trading.

An investor's goal should be to capture 70% of a move. The middle is the sweet spot, and if you make enough in the middle then who cares about the tops and bottoms.  Forget picking up the 15% on the top and 15% on the bottom, it doesn't work consistently to use it as a trading strategy.

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Adam Hewison
Co-creator, MarketClub