Gold Could Fly Over A Helicopter Throwing Money

On the 16th of March, when I wondered if “That’s It?” for gold it dropped for more than $100 to the low of $1451. It looked like the first move down in the large second leg of a huge complex correction.

As we know, guessing tops and bottoms is a tricky exercise. So, the next move up was considered to be a correction as to confirm the top we should see the passing move down first (checked), then there should be a corrective move in the opposite (upside) direction and the next should be the continuation to the downside. Let’s see below if you thought gold would reverse down.

The majority of you remained bullish as you clicked on the “retest of $1704” and “$1921”. The first bet already paid well as the market retested the former top last Monday. This price move was quite sharp as previously the same distance unfolded by gold within only 82 daily bars from November 2019 till March 2020 compared to only 20 daily bars this time.

It looks like gold doesn’t want to drop as things changed dramatically. Continue reading "Gold Could Fly Over A Helicopter Throwing Money"

Are Silver & Gold Mirroring 1999 To 2011 Again?

Today, we are writing about a pattern that our research team sees in the Gold/Silver ratio which is correlated to the price movement of Gold. What does this mean and how can we profit from this setup? Let’s get started trying to explain this chart pattern/setup.

Gold/Silver Ratio Chart From A New Angle

This first chart highlights the pattern we have identified and how we believe a similar pattern is setting up again in the current market. The setup of the pattern is explained in the text below, but quickly scroll down and look at the first chart and the pink shaded areas “A” to get an idea of what we are talking about.

Prior To “A” Pattern Setup

After a moderate price decline in Gold (1996 through 2001), a bottom sets up as the price of Gold begins to base near support.

The Gold/Silver ratio (BLUE), falls throughout this pattern setup as both Gold and Silver prices decline somewhat in unison. Continue reading "Are Silver & Gold Mirroring 1999 To 2011 Again?"