Sproutly Looking To Revolutionize The Cannabis Beverages Industry

Analysis originally distributed on August 3, 2018 By: Michael Vodicka of Cannabis Stock Trades

Game-changing companies don’t come along very often. But when they do, shareholders usually see big gains.

This pattern continues to repeat itself in the stock market.

Netflix (NFLX) is a recent example.

Back in 2007, Netflix introduced a game changer in the home entertainment industry, releasing a new service that enabled customers to stream movies from the internet into their homes.

That innovation led to ridiculous gains for Netflix shareholders that completely crushed the broader stock market.

In just the last six years, Netflix has surged from $7.50 per share to a recent high above $400. That 5,000% return means that a $10,000 investment in Netflix in 2012 would be worth about $500,000 today.


These game changers are rare and hard to find. True game-changing technology doesn’t come around very often.

That’s why I’m excited about a new cannabis stock that reminds me of Netflix in 2007. Continue reading "Sproutly Looking To Revolutionize The Cannabis Beverages Industry"

Molson Coors Eyeing Canadian Cannabis Partner

Analysis originally distributed on June 28, 2018 By: Michael Vodicka of Cannabis Stock Trades

October 30, 2017 was one of the best days of the year for the young cannabis industry.

That’s the date when Constellation Brands (STZ), the second-largest US beer maker, announced a 10% stake in Canopy Growth Corp. (CGC/WEED), the largest Canadian cannabis company.

It was a groundbreaking moment for the cannabis industry because it was the first time that a big alcohol company had invested directly in a cannabis company.

Not only did it give the young cannabis industry tons of credibility, it also sets the stage for big alcohol to invest billions into the cannabis industry in the next few years.

In the short run, Canopy shares jumped more than 23% in one day on the news.

In the long run, it triggered a 10-week rally in Canopy – and the entire cannabis sector – that sent shares deep into a new all-time high. Take a look. Continue reading "Molson Coors Eyeing Canadian Cannabis Partner"

Massachusetts Set To Legalize Cannabis

Analysis originally distributed on May 23, 2018 By: Michael Vodicka of Cannabis Stock Trades

Back in January 2018, California legalized recreational cannabis. It was a huge breakthrough for the US cannabis industry and it sent cannabis stocks operating in California soaring.

For example, Innovative Industrial Properties (IIPR), a US cannabis company headquartered in San Diego California, jumped almost 100% in the month leading up to California going legal. Shareholders were rewarded with some big gains in a short time.

Massachusetts Set Legalize Cannabis

Today – I see this same pattern repeating itself on the other side of the country.

Massachusetts is set to legalize recreational cannabis on July 1 – a little more than a month away.

According to market-research firm New Frontier Data, sales should be around $500 million in 2018 and jump to more than $1 billion by 2020. Continue reading "Massachusetts Set To Legalize Cannabis"

Record Canadian Cannabis IPO In 11 Days

Analysis originally distributed on February 28, 2018 By: Michael Vodicka of Cannabis Stock Trades

Back in June of 2017, the Toronto Stock Exchange recorded its largest Canadian cannabis IPO ever.

The event generated a lot of attention for the company going public and the broader cannabis sector.

Not all of it was positive. In fact, there were plenty of bearish headlines in the financial media.

Canadian Cannabis IPO

Despite the bearish headlines, Cannabis Stocks Trades saw the long-term potential and added shares to our model portfolio in early June.

Nine months later, shares of Medreleaf (LEAF) are up 158% - even after a recent pullback. Continue reading "Record Canadian Cannabis IPO In 11 Days"

7 Canadian Cannabis Stocks that Could Soar

Analysis originally distributed on January 24, 2018 By: Michael Vodicka of Cannabis Stock Trades

There are fewer things that can send a stock soaring like a buyout. And right now - I see a wave of buyouts ready to pop off in the cannabis sector - and I want to show you how you can profit.

When one company buys another company - shares of the company being bought usually surge higher.

Let me give you a recent example.

On January 18, Celgene Corp. (CELG) announced it would buy Juno Therapeutics (JUNO), a promising young biotech for $85 per share - a 91% premium to its share price at the time of the announcement.

That sent shares of JUNO soaring 91% in just seven days - giving JUNO shareholders a big gain in a very short amount of time.


Today - I see a big wave of buyouts coming down the pike in the cannabis sector and I believe it is creating another awesome opportunity for big profits. Continue reading "7 Canadian Cannabis Stocks that Could Soar"